Heather Campbell-Reich Community Meals Program

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St. Andrew’s has a long history in feeding ministries. For many years a free lunch was served. In the 90’s, St. Andrews became involved in the Salvation Army ministry and prepared a meal one Saturday a month at the Salvation Army’s location.

In the early 2000’s, St. Andrew’s decided to get more involved with the help of Heather Reich who believed that no one should go unfed in this community. She spent countless hours making sure meals and packaged food were available. Heather then came to the Vestry of St. Andrew’s and asked for their commitment in establishing a more comprehensive meals program. Her idea was to make meals available in Elyria on the days no other program was serving.

In September of 2003, Heather launched the Community Meals Program with the support of her family, many of her friends, and the partnership of six other area churches. This ministry continues to operate today and while St. Andrew’s is the host, the program is blessed with outstanding partners in this community effort. Without Heather’s help in establishing these partnerships it would be impossible to manage the program. St. Andrew’s is the home to several meals per month and has grown from serving approximately 30 people per meal to sometimes serving over 80 people per meal.

In January of 2005 St. Andrew’s parish and the community suffered a great loss when Heather died of a cerebral aneurysm. Due to her dedication and generous spirit, the program was named in her honor. There is a picture of Heather and her guide dog, Jep, located in the parish hall.
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