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Society of St. John the Evangelist – Episcopal Monastery, Cambridge, MA
Lenten Series: Five Marks of Love

Prayer Site at Forward Movement.

The Importance of Faith at Home
Practicing faith at home allows children, youth, and adults to connect with God and put faith at the center of their lives. Along with church and other communities, the household is where faith is formed, nurtured, and passed on. Practicing faith at home is fun! Even a few minutes a day, or one faith practice per week can have strong and lasting impacts.  Visit Building Faith for more.

The Painted Prayerbook. With original artwork by Jan Richardson, this blog explores the intersections of writing, art, and faith, plus a few other things besides. Its pages include a weekly reflection on a text from the lectionary (the three-year cycle of readings that take us through much of the Bible). These lectionary reflections emerge from a process of lectio divina (“sacred reading”), the ancient art of praying with sacred texts, including the text of our own life.
The art pieces that appear with the weekly lectionary reflections are painted paper collages that Jan creates as part of the process of doing lectio with the texts.

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New Revised Standard Version (American and Anglicized versions), and several versions of the Psalms.

Daily Devotions – 365 Days a Year
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Daily Office from the Mission of St. Clare