Pet Pantry

The Pet Pantry is meant to ease financial stress to prevent pets from becoming homeless. Pet food and cat litter are intended to supplement owner supply.

The Pet Pantry recognizes the value of all family members, even the furry ones. When families find themselves in a difficult financial situation, the social services and support available focuses on the human needs of food, healthcare, and housing. We don’t want people to have to choose between groceries and medication for themselves or food for their pets.

Everyone who seeks assistance is required to complete an application which will be verified. Once your application has been processed you will be notified of your eligibility. You will be provided with the pickup time and agree to arrive as scheduled. You must bring your ID with you on distribution day.

To qualify, everyone must complete an application, be 18 years of age or older and be the only household member requesting assistance. You will also need to provide proof of financial need and have owned your pets for at least 6 months.  All pets must be spayed or neutered and must be receiving adequate care.

Please check the St. Andrew’s calendar for dates and times of the Pet Pantry distribution. For an application and other inquiries, email