Youth Group

Youth Programming at St. Andrew’s focuses on Episcopal Youth Community (EYC). What is EYC? We are a gathering of teenagers (grades 6-12) and adult facilitators who are learning together how to be disciples of Jesus in the Episcopal tradition. Our activities range from weekly fellowship on Sundays to Cedar Point adventures to community service to mission trips. We come from all over Lorain County and attend many different schools, but we come together to grow as faithful witnesses of God’s love. While we do have exciting outings, we offer a regular space for reflection, prayer, and the contemplative life where we can practice resting in God’s love. And, yes, that does take practice!

Some things that are important for us:
– providing a safe and supportive environment for all
– building healthy relationships – between me and God, me and myself, and me and others
– exploring what it means when we say, “God loves you. No exceptions.”
– learning how to live into our identity as Episcopalians as expressed in our Baptismal Covenant [Link to the Baptismal Covenant here]
– celebrating life together by having fun

Diocesan Youth information
The diocese hosts two important youth events annually and facilitates participation in one National youth event.

  • Diocesan Youth Event  or DYE (Annually in the fall)
  • Happening (Annually in late winter)
  • Episcopal Youth Event or EYE (triennially in the summertime)

To learn more, click here.

There is a cost to attend and participate in these events as they typically require an overnight. St. Andrew’s offers scholarships. Please contact the office to learn more.