Vacation Bible School

Theme for 2022: Passport to Peace, an interactive Vacation Bible School curriculum that explores five Bible stories that encourage children to listen to and learn from people who are different, notice the needs of others and seek to help, creatively work to keep everyone safe, and refuse to respond to conflict with violence. Children will learn 20 peacemaking strategies, giving them tools they need to follow Jesus’ way of peace. Passport to Peace invites children to see every person as part of God’s family, and every interaction as an opportunity to make peace.

Each day we visited a different continent and 4 locations.

Day 1 – We visit the continent of Africa

Day 2 – We are back in North America

Day 3 – It’s off to Europe

Day 4 – We are headed down to South America

Here are the Peacemakers as they traveled by Jeep

Each day the snack was food that represented the continents.