About St. Andrews Church

We are one of the 88 parishes that make up The Diocese of Ohio and are part of the Episcopal Church of the United States of America. We are also part of the worldwide Anglican Communion and at the head of the Anglican Communion is the Archbishop of Canterbury.

St. Andrew’s is made up of diverse people who find meaning and experience community through relationships – with God, with ourselves as we seek to know God, with each other and with the world in which we live. We are old and young, female and male, gay and straight, cis-gender and non-binary in gender identification. We are single, married, divorced, widowed, black and white across a wide socio-economic range. In fact we are like everybody. We work in our communities and invest in work around the world. We study and we ask questions as we move deeper into the mystery of God. We support one another in good times and bad, and we try to see Christ in everyone we meet.

St. Andrew’s mission statement is, “Sharing God’s Love. “We believe that we are participating with God in God’s work in the world. We are an open and affirming, inclusive community of faith, believing that God loves everyone, no exceptions. Commitment to Racial Justice Since December of 2019, we have made the work of anti-racism a priority by confessing, studying, praying, advocating and in activism for racial equity and social justice. We have been described as “Traditional in pews and kneelers, ornate altar and vestments. Modern in energy, ordination of women, and respect for all people regardless of the many ways God makes us different. Common in the humble, simple way these people, place and time come together to be extraordinary.”

Strategic Plan
Commitment to Racial Justice


St. Andrew’s was established in April of 1837. Mr. Orrin Cowles* opened his home to all who were interested in the Episcopal hurch. It was decided to form a parish and name it St. Andrew’s Elyria. The Rev. Anson Clark became the first Rector. *Orrin Cowles became the first Mayor of Elyria in 1842.

The first location for St. Andrew’s was erected in 1840 on the east side of Middle Avenue near Broad Street. That building was moved to Third Street just east of Middle Avenue on the south side. In 1871 it was decided to purchase the lot where St. Andrew’s stands today, 300 Third Street, Elyria Ohio, on the historic town square. Our signature red door welcomes everyone to St. Andrew’s.

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*Children/babies are welcome at our services. For those interested, we also offer a nursery with an attendant who brings the children from the nursery up to the service for the Children’s sermon and then escorts them back to the nursery. We invite you to use the nursery for all or part of the service as you feel comfortable.

Thank you for visiting our website. You are welcome to visit us in person. Please contact the office if you have any questions: 440-322-2126, office@standrewselyria.org